Whether you’re having a bad hair day or are just looking for that one signature item to finish a look, you’re considering an accessory to top it off. One hat that everybody can agree on is that a baseball-style hat can finish off any look.

For those who don’t know me, I wear a lot of hats. A backward snapback is my signature look on most weekends, but obviously, I’m not just talking about fashion advice here.

If someone wears a lot of hats, that means they have a lot of different roles to perform. These hats could include being an athlete, student, coach, parent, brother, husband, friend, etc.

One of the biggest challenges to success for a lot of people is learning how to stay focused on only wearing one hat at a time. In addition to your hat collection, your hats must be flexible enough to adapt to change.

So you better hold on to your hat, as you read my latest blog post that will show you why focus and flexibility are vital to your success.

LESSON ONE: We all wear a lot of hats, but the most important hat is the one currently on your head.

Did you know that LIDS® sells over 9,000 hats on their website? Man, that’s a lot of hats. But out of those 9,000 hats, how many of them do you wear?

A typical college athlete wears anywhere between five and seven. When I played basketball at William & Mary, I was a student, athlete, captain, brother, son, best friend, boyfriend, and Christian. I quickly realized after my freshman year, multitasking was a myth. I knew the only way I could succeed at all of these roles, was by only wearing one hat at a time.

When you divide your attention, you immediately lose focus. This lack of concentration on your part negatively impacts your success. Now, how can you succeed at wearing multiple hats?

  1. The hat currently on your head gets all of your attention.
  2. Be ready to change hats often.

LESSON TWO: Be the adjustable snapback, not the unchangeable fitted hat.

For those who don’t know, a snapback hat is just what it sounds like, with snaps at the back that close the hat. Clearly, the feature that makes this particular cap so attractive and popular is the fact that it is adjustable to almost any head size. As opposed to the snapback, a fitted hat is closed in the back with no ability to change.

If you’re having trouble with success in any area of your life and find yourself feeling overwhelmed or flustered, then you may need to work on this key to success. Flexibility helps you overcome any challenge and adjust to any difficult situation that comes your way. To become more flexible, you’ll need to get used to regularly stepping out of your comfort zone. A great strategy is to make small adjustments to your daily routine. 

Improving your flexibility will not only make you more successful but will also allow you to achieve goals you never thought you could.